Oaktree Academy

  • “I am so pleased in how Oaktree Academy cares about my student. Their concern, teaching and guidance has encouraged my student to reach higher. Thank you.”
  • “I love the heart of the school. I love the meaning behind the education and schedule.”
  • ”Having toured a few schools in the area, we can say that OTA is unlike any other. The family atmosphere here is amazing. Students are treated well here, like family. The short days are also a gift. Family time is priceless and OTA sees the importance of this by offering shortened school days. Also being a Christian school, we love that our child is learning about Christ. The school supports the growth of a good character within students by giving them opportunities to learn about God, give to others and serve. It is a school like any other. We are so glad to be a part of the OTA family.”
  • ”When they (students) walk up those steps and through those doors they are not just a student to the staff and teachers, they become their child, they become family. I love picking our child up now, watching them grow, seeing them smile.”
  • ”My daughter was in a public school before Oaktree and every morning was a struggle to send her. She was so unhappy and most times would beg us to let her stay home. Now that she is at Oaktree, that has never happened. She is so happy to go!!! She loves her teacher and she is very comfortable at Oaktree. That makes a mom’s heart happy.”
  • “My children feel that this school is like extended family.”
  • “Small classroom setting. Chapels every other week. Strong family base community. We live life together!”
  • ”The safety of our children is expressed daily.”
  • “Caring teachers.”
  • ”Teachers/Staff are unselfish with their time and truly care for both the spiritual development as well as the success of each and every student.”
  • ”My child has made some lifelong friends.”
  • ”Oaktree helped to save our child’s life and brought us a peace as parents that they were in a place that cared. Thank you Oaktree.”
  • ”My son is more outgoing than he has been in the past and loves school. I believe it’s the staff and the way the school operates that makes his experience so great!”
  • ”..Oaktree was able to offer us the learning environment and compassion we needed. They quickly made room for us (4) and made us feel welcomed. My son has never been happier in a school setting. We look forward to staying through graduation.”
  • “Too hard to pick. We love everything. Probably how evident it is that the staff and administration truly love the students and honor God.”
  • ”When I brought our child to school that first day it was the 1st day back after Christmas break. They were starting in the middle of the year. All the kids knew on another. Ours would stick out as the “new kid”. I sat in the parking lot and cried. This was it. If this didn’t work, what would we do?..They (my student) needed a way to socialize while being accepted for who they were. I sat there until it was dismissal time and prayed. I prayed they would feel safe, at home, welcome, more than anything the love of Christ and it was real not just put on or talked about. When our child came out the door that day I held my breath and then I saw their face – a smile from ear to ear. When I asked how it went, not knowing what to expect, they said “Mom, they were really nice and made me feel good and they meant it”. I let out a breath, thanked God and cried.”