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This is for all Oaktree Academy Alumni. As the years pass this is a place where our Grizzly family can stay in touch with each other as we continue this journey through life. We love every one of you and hope that you will continue to Celebrate Christ, Celebrate Family, and Celebrate Life!

The vision for our Oaktree Academy Alumni Association is different than most other schools. Point blank: we are not going to ask you for money or solicit you. Instead we want to do the opposite. We want to BLESS YOU and GIVE YOU things. It’s counterculture to what most alumni groups are but hey, that’s what Oaktree Academy is all about, being counterculture and wanting to just love on our alumni!

We want to pray for you, send you devotionals, books, or OTA stickers, t-shirts, etc. Due to these things costing the school money and time we want to make sure we aren’t wasting our investment in you, this is the reason why it’s important that we have valid contact information for you so that we can send you these blessings. Please fill out the form below to be added to the Oaktree Academy Alumni Association..we look forward to blessing you!

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Oaktree Academy Alumni Association:

When you graduated from our school  we may have old contact information for you and/or just your parents contact information. Give us your most updated contact information and enroll in our alumni association to stay connected with us so that we can bless you.