Oaktree Academy


Does the school offer tuition discounts and financial aid?

Yes. Oaktree Academy offers a multiple student discount, a family cap, pastor discount, and an alumni discount. Multiple Child Discounts: 2nd child:5%, 3rd child:10%, 4th child:15%, 5th child:20%. Family Cap: $15,000 maximum on tuition. Pastor Discount:$500. Alumni Discount: 25% off each child. You can also apply for our financial aid program through FACTS.

How is homework assigned?

There will be minimal daily homework assigned outside of school for grades K4-6. Of course parents will still be encouraged to work with their children and participate in school projects, read with them, review and study for tests and quizzes from time to time, etc. For 7th-12th grade there will be homework assigned on Monday-Thursday but no daily homework will be assigned on Fridays to allow students to spend time with their families and pursue other interests.

What if my child needs a full day program?

Should you need a full day program, we offer engaging afternoon classes that follow the lunch break, Mon-Fri from 1:30-3:00PM. You can enroll your K-6th grade students in an afternoon class for either one day a week or all five, depending on your needs. If your child is in 7th - 12th grade, their class schedule is very similar to a college-type schedule. Depending on your student’s schedule, they finished at 12:45PM some days but stay until 3:00 PM on other days.

What if I only want my child to stay for just one class in the afternoon?

Yes. We have great elective offerings in the afternoons for all grade levels K-12 as well as study halls. Families can decide to have their child stay at school until 3:00PM 1, 2, 3, 4 or all 5 days.

If students stay is there a lunch period?

Yes. The lunch period is from 12:50PM-1:30PM.

Can we opt to pick our child up at 12:00PM?

Yes, but tuition includes this elective and will not be adjusted.

How does a high school schedule (7th-12th) work?

Once you meet with our guidance counselor, your schedule will be assigned according to your student’s needs. Students will start their day at 7:30AM or 8:15AM and will be released at 12:45PM some days and 2:55PM other days depending on what electives are selected.

How does the elementary schedule (K-6th) work?

All of the student’s core classes (Math, English, Science, and Social Studies) will be taught from 8:15AM to 11:55AM. From 12:00PM-12:45PM each student will get to experience a different grade appropriate elective each day. In fact, because of a rotating schedule, each K-6 student will get to experience seven different electives throughout the year.

What kind of school is Oaktree Academy?

Oaktree Academy is a fully accredited (Christian School International & AdvancEd) five-day private Christian school with a creative schedule.